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Professional manufacturer of fireproof board, PCB phenolic board, metal board, etc.

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Joining Requirements

Business philosophy

Passionate about the business philosophy of Yichang Wuxing Material Technology Co., Ltd., and love the industry of minimalist, light luxury style indoor suit doors, fireproof building materials decorative panels, anti-double special wall hanging, and anti-double special partition. Ability to promote "Le Si Fu" brand products, have a sense of responsibility and serve customers who use "Le Si Fu" products.

Good credit requires a legal or natural person with certain financial strength, good credit, and certain industry experience or personal connections. The business premises need to have a certain business premises, and the actual business area shall not be less than 80 square meters.

1. Recognize that brand culture has brand awareness.

2. Complete operating qualifications, good reputation and business ethics.

3. Preference is given to those with working experience in the home building materials industry.

4. Have certain financial strength and social coordination ability in the regional market.

5. Owning the location and area of ​​the store that meets the requirements for operation.

6. The franchise store must carry out the monopoly of Le Sifu's products and cannot operate other similar products.

7. Possess team management and operation ability and good professionalism and fighting spirit.

8. Voluntarily accepting the operation guidance of the headquarters can implement the company's unified thinking.

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