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Professional manufacturer of fireproof board, PCB phenolic board, metal board, etc.

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About us

Franchise Policy

Franchise support

Sample discount

Join our company and become our legal distributor. The store is designed for free, and samples are 50% off.

sales support

Our company will equip each area with professional marketing service personnel, cooperate with distributors in channel development, terminal sales, and provide corresponding promotion support according to the actual situation of the local market.

Product promotion support

Our company will continue to promote through the official website, official account and other online channels, and combine outdoor advertising, brand public activities and other forms to enhance the brand awareness of "Le Si Fu", and provide brand support for dealers' market development.

Training support

Our company will conduct business training for dealers from time to time according to market conditions, and carry out training on marketing management, sales skills, channel development, customer service management, measurement and installation, product knowledge, etc., and will also conduct irregular training for dealers’ team members. Regular on-site training and market practice guidance.

Sales rebate support

According to the cooperation agreement, if you meet the relevant requirements, you can get a higher sales rebate than the same industry.

DIY showroom system

Let users intuitively feel the overall decoration effect and have a better sense of experience

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